Uitwisselings Project Be a reason 2B2gether Slochteren

JGS haalt subsidie binnen voor een uitwisseling in Slochteren!!!
Be a reason 2B2gether….. Deze zomer komen jongeren uit 4 landen samen in Slochteren om te laten zien wat geluk voor hen is….. Samen zijn!!
Volg ons en mis niets! het wordt WEER geweldig!!


The Clairemont High School junior received the honor from the youth division of the international animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Mr. Clayton Thornton, a Libby Award winner


The multi-group recital included jolly renditions from the Lower School and Middle School choirs, the Gong Gang, Marimbas, Ukestra, and the Jazz Couriers. Our wonderful Lower School students were recently visited by three charity representatives after they raised over £1,500 for charitable causes. As part of their annual DUCK week (Developing, Understanding, Caring and Kindness), each year group decided on a different fundraising method, organising activities from discos and games, to face painting and volunteering.


2019-7-13 2019-4-21 Europe/Amsterdam Uitwisselings Project Be a reason 2B2gether Slochteren Uitwisselingsproject in Slochteren met 4 andere landen. Slochteren
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